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Hello! ✨ I’m Ting, and I am a serial hobbyist. I learned about the Ball Jointed Doll hobby near the end of 2019, and it has been a huge creative outlet for me. My collection consists primarily of realistic 1/3(+) scale polyurethane resin cast dolls. Since then, my collection has grown, and each doll has its own personality and character wanting to tell me their story.

The greatest joy in the BJD hobby is the ability to make of it what you find most fulfilling. As for the hobby microcosm, I was most drawn to photography and sewing for my dolls. Although not professional level by any means, every photo shoot and handmade outfit brings joy and satisfaction as I learn and grow.

I share some of my experiences via YouTube videos which serves as another creative outlet. Despite only being on screen occasionally, I strive to provide informative and entertaining videos for those who are interested. This website is an extension of that as well.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find something here that interests you too!

Painting of Me by Emberleo
Painting of me by Emberleo entited "A Portait of Love" - April 2008