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Sewing Patterns

Sewing is one of the aspects of the hobby that I find really rewarding. Dolls however come in different scales and sizes. Through my exploring, I came across a website called Pattern Maker Pro that allows you to take detailed measurements of your doll and enables you to generate slopers/blocks as well as other elemental patterns. I use many of the patterns available as a starting point and modify as I want changes to fit and style.

This section contains all my current sewing patterns for my dolls. Each page at the bottom will contain the detailed measurements that I’ve taken. Feel free to use them if it helps, but note that I am only human, and there is likely some imprecision. There is not currently a way to bulk upload measurements or share them directly on the site, so you will need to transcribe them if you want to use the measurements I’ve share.

All patterns are for personal use only.

Impldoll Star Model
Dollstown Elf