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Gemma Lin

A female doll with long brown hair wearing a white button up shirt with a black blazer
Gemma Lin - February 2023
Character Profile
Age 26
Birthday January 19
Gender Female
Occupation Executive Assistant

Doll Profile
Maker Raccoon Doll
Head Sculpt Gene
Resin Color Normal
Body Impldoll Star Model Body
Real Skin
Face-up Artist Lomilmalinde
Body Blushing Artist Komorebi Dolls - Hands
Date of Acquisition Head - January 2021
Body - October 2023
Provenance Head - Directly from Raccoon Doll
Body - Directly from Impldoll
Eyes TianBa0830
Green (Winter 2021 - No. 02)
Wig Amadiz Beauty
“J-Rock Soul”
Alpaca Fiber
Brown/Blonde Ombre