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Granado Doll V-11 Head - $170

BUY $170 + sales tax
Item Details
Price $170
Maker Granado Doll
Head Sculpt VIPO V-11
Resin Color New Normal
Made In 2021
Description Granado Dolls VIPO V-11 head in New Normal with a Pepstars World faceup (which I am not charging for). I got him in a Lucky Bag, and I was excited to receive him, but found he doesn’t really inspire me, so I hope he finds a new home.
Included in Sale Granado Dolls VIPO V-11 head with faceup
Granado Dolls Box
Eyeco Silicone Eyes pictured
Damage Staining
There is some small black scuff/stain marks on the head cap.
Modifications None
Yellowing unknown yellowing (no comparison available)
Provenance I am the first owner of this item
Purchase History Ordered from Granado Dolls in a “Lucky Bag” order
Shipping USPS, included in price
BUY $170 + sales tax