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Neoma Wen

A female asian doll with deep red lips wearing a red head scarf
Neoma Wen - August 2023
Character Profile
Age 32
Birthday Februrary 26
Gender Female
Occupation Corporate Lawyer
Spouse Adeon Zhou (divorced)
Children Saffron Zhou (daughter)
Relatives Glaive Wen (brother)

Doll Profile
Maker Phoenix Dolls (Web Archive)
Head Sculpt Liu (Web Archive)
Resin Color Fine Cream
Body Impldoll Star Model Body
Peach Gold
Face-up Artist Komorebi Dolls
Body Blushing Artist Komorebi Dolls - Hands x3
Date of Acquisition February 2021
Provenance Head - Purchased second-hand on Instagram
Body - Directly from Impldoll
Eyes AshuraDarkEyes
Wig Milklegsdolls
Alpaca Fiber
Short Black Bob