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Saffron Zhou

A child female doll with red and black hair wearing a white cable knit sweater
Saffron Zhou - March 2023
Character Profile
Age 7 - 10
Birthday May 15
Gender Female
Occupation Child / Student
Parents Adeon Zhou (father)
Neoma Wen (mother)
Relatives Glaive Wen (uncle)

Doll Profile
Maker Black Cherry Dolls
Head Sculpt Xiao Yu
Resin Color Normal
Body Dollstown 7YR - Age 7
Dollstown Elf - Age 10
Both in Fresh
Face-up Artist Milkweed and Honey BJDs
Date of Acquisition OE Head - May 2021
Moon (SP) Head - July 2021
DT 7YR Body - August 2021
DT Elf - August 2021
Provenance OE Head - Directly from Black Cherry Dolls
Moon - Purchased second-hand on Den of Angels
DT 7YR & DT Elf Bodies - Directly from Dollstown
Eyes AshuraDarkEyes
Warm Brown
Wig Milklegsdolls
Alpaca Fiber
Red/Black Ombre