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Halcyon Straits
Halcyon Straits

I have been tinkering with this site for what feels like 36 hours straight with small reprieves for meals and am running on a pitiful amount of sleep. When my mind gets to a point where it wants to keep working and achieve “done”, there’s little to stop me from just keep going.

At this point, most of the content for my site is complete. More than half of my dolls have their basic profiles. The way that I have structured them is a hybrid of Den of Angel’s doll profiles and wikipedia pages for people. Of course that means that the Neoma, Saffron, Adeon, and Glaive are the most filled out because they are the core family in my doll world. Everyone else at the moment is a seed of a character. At most I have are their occupations, but that doesn’t even hold true for Glaive who is “unemployed” because I haven’t thought of a better position for him.

Next Goals

What is very glaring now that I’ve expanded all dolls that I have good photographs are to get portraits for everyone. Some dolls have details and stylings listed that are different from any photos that I have of them in my albums. So mostly my work will be away from the computer and actually doing physical work to set them up for photoshoots.

As a data person, I really am tempted to bring some charts and visualizations on my doll collection. I built a simple timeline, and it works, but it doesn’t really give a sense of progression. Some of the charts on chartjs look interesting to try and incorporate. The radial ones especially. I made the choice to set the character’s birthday as their arrival date home to me. It would be interesting to see if they cluster anywhere.

It’s time for bed… I’m sure I will have more ideas tomorrow.